It’s a brand new Beachwood Sparks song!

This brand new Beachwood Sparks song was performed last Saturday at a backyard gig in Silverlake, CA. It’s a lovely little jangle gem that certainly reminds us of why the world really needs a new Beachwood Sparks album!


  1. Edwin says:

    do you know what the name of this song is yet?

  2. beatupbus says:

    Does this mean the new album is done?!?!?
    -i love the new song!
    oh what good news….

  3. Ommm! says:

    The world needs a new album of the Beachwood Sparks!!

    My favorite band……thanks for this webb!!!

  4. THLisOK says:

    Fantastic! I can’t tell from the video, but who’s in the current lineup? And where do we place our pre-orders for the new album?

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