Stream/download a new Beachwood Sparks song!

It’s called Forget the song and it’s great!

Hit play to stream the song, or download it by clicking the mp3 button (you have to enter an e-mail address).


  1. Ricky SmallStone says:

    wow….had no idea until this morning you were doing an album…..this sounds sooo good!
    hope you can make it to the East Coast this Summer… to see you guys again! miss the ol’ days of ’98.

  2. Jack Tripper says:

    Sounds amazing, and I’m really digging the tripped-out instrumental section near the end. Can’t wait to see you in Chi-town! (knock on wood)

  3. Jakob says:

    Love your new song! come to Sweden! and bring Mystic Chords of Memory and The Tyde along!

  4. Dan Kerr says:

    This is SO DAMNED EXCITING. I can only dream that one day they will make it to Australia.

  5. Paul Denheyer says:

    Sounding resplendently lovely!
    Look forward to the vinyl :)

  6. Dominic Carroll says:

    Welcome back seems so long since your last album sound like the soundtrack of summer

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