The Tarnished Gold release date, album art and track list revealed

Beachwood Sparks’ forthcoming new album The Tarnished Gold will be released on June 26 on CD and LP (double-LP at 45 rpm)!

This is the album art:
The Tarnished Gold cover art

And this is the track list:
01. Forget the Song
02. Sparks Fly Again
03. Mollusk
04. Tarnished Gold
05. Water from the Well
06. Talk About Lonesome
07. Leave That Light On
08. Nature’s Light
09. No Queremos Oro
10. Earl Jean
11. Alone Together
12. The Orange Grass Special
13. Goodbye

And this is what it feels like:
Beachwood Sparks lying on the beach


  1. Brandon G says:

    Awesome can’t wait for it! Been on a All Night Radio kick lately.

  2. penylain67 says:

    Very keyed that this group is putting another unit out!!!

  3. JWT says:

    Yes, very excited!

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