The Tarnished Gold out today!

Today’s the day! The waiting is over – The Tarnished Gold is finally out.

Here’s what the press have been saying so far:

“The Tarnished Gold is a soundtrack to life’s better moments — introspective mornings spent reclining in a hammock, carefree afternoons strolling along the shoreline, and late evenings of stargazing.”

– The Boston Phoenix

“The Tarnished Gold sees Beachwood Sparks return sounding fresh and revitalised, delivering an album that more than matches their earlier output.”


“The Tarnished Gold is a lovely, warm-hearted gem, from blissful opener “Forget the Song” through to the delicate farewell of “Goodbye”.”

– The Independent

“The Tarnished Gold is of a piece with their first two albums, but never a pale imitation.”

– The Guardian

“The Tarnished Gold, mature, with a revelatory appreciation for the simple life, might prove to be the true spiritual heir to their auspicious 2000 debut: winsome Zen-like roots/rock bursting from the heart with rich, ebullient harmonies, and atmospheric smears of steel guitar amid gentle sun-baked melodies.”

– Uncut

There will be a listening party this evening at The Satellite in LA. The Sparks and guests will be playing records all night long!

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