More The Tarnished Gold reviews

The Tarnished Gold was released yesterday and the reviews have been very positive.

Here’s a few more reviews:

“The Beachwood Sparks, last convened in 2003, are back as if they never left, spinning trippy goodtime vibes, ethereal metaphysics and slacked out California pop.”
Blurt Magazine

“Beachwood Sparks make music for and by Californians who love living in California, surfing, and hanging out among the redwoods, and for listeners who have no idea what that’s like but love the sound of soft harmonies and a tastefully placed slide guitar.”
A.V. Club

“The Tarnished Gold moves through space like a guided nature walk—never a hike—drawing upon breathy, summer sounds and endless harmony to craft the perfect soundtrack for its creators’ home state.”
Paste Magazine


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