Beachwood Sparks to release shelved debut album in November

This fall will finally see the release of Beachwoods Sparks’ shelved debut album (a.k.a. Pre-flyte). The album, that was originally set for a 1998 release, will be out on Alive Natural Sound Records/Xmas Records on CD and vinyl in November and is tentatively titled Desert Skies.

More details regarding the track list, cover art and exact release date is to come in the following weeks.

Beachwood Sparks bassist Brent Rademaker sends his greetings to all BWS fans with the following note:

July 4th 1998

15 years ago today the original Beachwood Sparks played a live radio broadcast on KXLU and it is in that spirit that e are all jazzed, stoked and thrilled to finally announce the official release of the “unreleased” Beachwood Sparks album.

Recorded in late 97 and early 98 at the Space Shed in Sierra Madre, CA. Originally the recordings were being made to be released on xmAs records (the Christmas records offshoot that released the Further records) but after the group made a few singles, played a bunch of shows and fielded a few offers from a few major labels we found ourselves at a cross roads and eventually signed with Sub Pop, regrouped and made the Beachwood Sparks debut you all know…but was there another debut?

More details will be revealed in the coming months but what I can tell you is the record is being released by Alive Natural Sound Records/xmAs (the Bomp! family) and it is scheduled for release in Novemeber 2013. The LP/CD/Digi will contain the complete original LP mastered with bonus tracks and early demo versions; tentatively titled Desert Skies

The line up:
Josh Schwartz (vocals/guitar)
Chris Gunst (vocals/guitar)
Farmer Dave Scher (vocals/lap steel/organ)
Tom Sanford (voclas/drums)
Brent Rademaker (vocals/bass)
Pete “Sleigher” Kinne (vocals/percussion)

The tracklist for the LP will be revealed in the coming weeks

As an added bonus there is a limited edition 7″ of unreleased material titled Chimes & Embers that will be included with the first pressing.

I just want to say how very special this is to me/us and that we are happy to all be in contact again and revisit such a magic time. I hope it’ll remind those who were around then of two unforgettable summers; and for anyone hearing it for the first time…this is what it feels like!

Brent Rademaker
Highland Park, CA
July 4th 2013

To give you a little taste of what to expect from this lost classic, here’s a video clip of Beachwood Sparks performing the tracks Midsummer Daydream and Watery Moonlight at Old Town Pub in Pasadena in March 1998:


  1. Ricky Hagberg says:

    how’s your Summer??
    it’s Ricky from Smallstone man… you remember me? I was the other tambourine shaker on the scene….after Sleigher of course.
    just found out about this the other day, and I’m so happy to see it’s finally seeing the light of day! still have an old cassette that i got off “The Yeti” (Dave Derenzinski) back in ’99. and it is barely audible at this point. i will be picking this up on day one, for sure.
    and you’re absolutely right….it WAS a magic time, and i will never forget it brother! Summers of ’98/’99 were probably the best time i ever had, and seeing you guys every week or so was a big part of it……you were fucking amazing, and still are.
    will you be playing any reunion shows with Josh & Tom maybe….with Sleigher watching over you?
    let me know, and i will be there in a flash….all the way from Maryland even!
    Say hi to Dave & Chris for me, and can’t wait for November man…..

    Ricky Hagberg

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