Brent is back with GospelbeacH!


Brent Rademaker from Beachwood Sparks is back with new music! The name of the band is GospelbeacH and they consist of Brent, Tom Sanford, Jason Soda, Neal Casal and Kip Boardman. In celebration of this wonderfully sunny and upbeat country rock we did a short interview with Brent talking about the new album and other musical projects!

Great hearing new music from you! How long have GospelbeacH been playing together?

It’s been great to be able to make new music, I’m excited for folks to hear it…Its taken about a year for the group to get to where it is today…it started very very casually. It wasn’t even in my imagination during the last years of Beachwood Sparks to do another group like this….I just wanted to play Everly Brothers songs and listen to Classic Rock on the beach and drink Miller Lite but I’m glad things worked out like this! Thank God for Patrick and Suzy at Alive Records for getting us in the studio and putting the record out!

We know about your deep love for country music in general and Gene Clark in particular, what have been your influences for this album?

To be honest even though there are specific styles that we play, like Country Rock and stuff I really just wanted to do something natural and honest I guess all the things that I’ve grown up listening to and playing finally formed into some songs of my own and a sound as well but I only took the songs about halfway there so it was the OTHER GUYS who influenced me the most Neal, Tommo, Jason and Kip…they helped finish the lyrics and wrote all their own parts and we all collaborated on the arrangements. Amazing musicians and super cool dudes. One of the main things was to keep it fun..lyrically, sonically and visually.

What are the immediate plans for GospelbeacH? Touring in California, U.S. and the world?

Just excited to get the record released in October and play some cool shows on the West Coast…we have already been approached to tour Sweden, Netherlands, UK and Spain so perhaps 2016 will be exciting…playing live has been a blast because we are singing four part harmonies and interpreting the songs from the album in really cool and different ways live. Lots of lead guitar which I love.

How about other musical projects? Can you tell us about the record you are releasing on Bad Paintings? What’s the status on Beachwood Sparks?

It’s a 7″ single we made under the name FIR. Matt Piucci from the Rain Parade, Nelson Bragg from Brian Wilsons Band, Rob Campanella from Brian Jonestown Massacre and myself recorded with the original Rain Parade producer Jim Hill, it’s pretty cool it’ll come out on a really cool label Bad Paintings later this year.

As far as the status of BwS ? I guess it’s over for now but hopefully one day it’ll spring up
again in some form…I mean none of this stuff I’ve been talking about or really nothing that any of us do would’ve happened without Beachwood Sparks.

While we are on the subject, how did the Further compilation release come about? What are your feelings when you look back on the time when you had Further?

There’d be no Beachwood Sparks without Further so there you go again I guess?!?! That compilation was Michael Harrison from Bad Paintings concept I love it he’s a cool dude and looking back on those days in the 90s with Further gives me the confidence to carry on with things like GospelbeacH …Further just did what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it and it was fun…if someone didn’t like it we didn’t care…fuck ’em!  That’s the only way a group can survive…once you get into all that other stuff …you’re doomed!

Oh yeah Burger just did the cassette which is cool!

What new bands and artists from the California music scene should we know about?

Light Fantastic from San Francisco have killer 12″ out and a full length coming on a label called Spiritual Pajamas run by Britt Govea a dude who is single handedly keeping the spirit or Rock and Roll alive on the West Coast.

Lastly, I remember a couple of years ago reading something about you and Farmer Dave playing together as Syrup Jeans. Am I right? What happened to this?

Sure it was real we played some Gene Clark and Tears for Fears covers a few lost Beachwood songs mighta played three or four times at the Troubadour and the surf shop it wasn’t a myth but maybe it shoulda been? I hope the Beachwood friends will check out GospelbeacH – Pacific Surf Line believe me it’s born from the same place as Beachwood Sparks started in the beginning cause I was there.

Thanks Mathias to you and Staffan for the support it means a lot!!

Thank you Brent! Make sure to follow Gospelbeach on Twitter for the latest news.

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