Neal Casal interview

As most of you probably know the SP20 event is taking place this weekend and that means that the long awaited Beachwood Sparks reunion is tomorrow! Me and Staffan who are responsible for this site will unfortunately not be able to attend since we live and work in Sweden but we hope as many of you Beachwood Sparks fans as possible get the chance to see them. Please send us reviews of the show and photos if you attend it!

In order to help you guys build some hype for the show we have conducted an interview with acclaimed singer/guitarist and Beachwood buddy Neal Casal. He talks about how he came in contact with the group and how he apprehends their music and its importance. In the interview he also shares some intimate memories from his tour with the band. It’s a good read and we hope you’ll appreciate it. We’re really proud to able to post it on this site. Read it here!

If these two items weren’t big enough we’d also like to recommend the new album by the band The Quarter After, “Changes Near”. The Quarter After mainly consists of brothers Dominic and Rob Campanella and plays music in the tradition of inspiring California bands like The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. Rob Campanella has some connections to Beachwood Sparks since he has produced and played on albums by The Tyde and Frausdots. He’s also a member of The Brian Jonestown Massacre which are on tour now.

Changes Near is the second album from The Quarter After and moves the band more towards the moods and harmonies of west coast country music like the already mentioned Byrds, International Submarine Band and Grateful Dead. The album cover might be the coolest one in 2008…

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