The Quarter After visit Europe

The Quarter After (with Rob Campanella, producer of The Tyde, Beachwood Sparks and contributor to frausdots) are heading out on a tour to Europe this fall. They’ll be visiting UK, France and Spain so if you’re living there you should check them out. More specific information on tour dates will be available soon on the bands official homepage

Fans of Beachwood Sparks should really check out this band. We got the chance to talk to Rob Campanella a while ago and he shared his love of the Sparks with us saying that there are a couple of songs on the new album (which we wrote a news item about a couple of weeks ago) which would never have been made with out inspiration from the music of our beloved cosmic cowboys. You can stream their new album in entirety here

We at The Calming Seas hope to perform and post an interview with Mr. Robbie C about his work with The Tyde, Beachwood Sparks, frausdots & other artists in a month or two. Be on the look out for that!


  1. Michael says:

    I picked up this album on release day. Their first album is very excellent as well. Rob Campanella’s arc has intersected with our Beachwood Sparks throughout the years. On the new album (which is a fantastic listen) they explore that territorial boundary where the late 60’s Byrds stops and the future begins. As far as any BWS inspiration, check out the last song, “Sempre Avanti (Johnny Marr is Not Dead)”… When I first heard this song, I had to check the credits on the cd sleeve to make sure Brent, Chris, Farmer Dave, and Aaron weren’t playing and singing on that track. I was sure that they were. That song has that sme sound with those harmonies that are all soulful, gleaming, and pure. It was like a revisitation of “Yer Selfish Ways” without J Mascis’ guitar licks. A great song, a great album.

    There’s a number of other bands on that scene worth checking out… The Asteroid #4 (tours with the Quarter After), the Parson Red Heads (toured and played with Frausdots) , Cabinessence, Brothers and Sisters, Comet Gain (their early records were on Further’s X-Mas label and Darren Rademaker plays guitar and sings on their latest), and Neal Casal’s solo albums.

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