Celebrate the new year with Beachwood Sparks… not [UPDATED!]

Beachwood Sparks are playing in downtown LA on New Year’s Eve! The event, called Bank Run 2009, takes place at The Bank on 401 South Main Street and is hosted by Little Radio. Buy your tickets here.

Beachwood Sparks are not playing this show. See Aaron’s and Chris’ comments below for more info.


  1. Chris Gunst says:

    ATTENTION FOLKS…we are NOT playing this show. There was a poster made without ever conforming the
    band’s availability for this show. We tried to work it out but some members are not going to be around.
    I am sorry for the inconvenience but this little radio made the advertisement without our confirmation or
    even a slight yes…happy new year in whatever you choose to celebrate..i wish everyone happiness, health
    and peace in the new year…

  2. aaronsperske says:

    i would also like to mention that we did very much want to play this show, after last minute logistics getting a bit tangled on our end it became apparent this would not be feasible.i would like to mention that b.w.s. and the lil radio folks did our best to see it through and we are honored to have been asked to play. if it’s any consolation ‘Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti’ will be performing in our place(which includes yours truly). the little radio folks are bringing great music to l.a. and these things happen! it is rock’n’roll afterall!!! have a great ’09 everyone…

  3. Chris Gunst says:

    I have to agree…i guess i sort of threw them under the bus here a little bit…sorry folks…we wanted to play and wanted to
    make it work…it just didn’t this time around…thanks everyone who supports us and little radio…chris

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