Sneak peek of the new The Tyde album

A sample song, Brock Landers, from the new The Tyde album can now be heard on the band’s myspace profile.

Track list for The Tyde – Three’s Co:

1. Do It Again Again
2. Brock Landers
3. Separate Cars
4. Too Many Kims
5. Glassbottom Lights
6. The Lamest Shows
7. Ltd. Appeal
8. County Line
9. Aloha Breeze
10. The Pilot
11. Don’t Need a Leash

Track list for Nobody & MCoM present Tree Colored See:

1. The Seed
2. Decisions, Decisions
3. Broaden a New Sound
4. Coyote’s Song (When You Hear It Too)
5. Memory
6. Klaw Prints
7. Walk in the After Light
8. When the End Meets the Beginning
9. Feet Upon the Sand
10. Softer Sail
11. Floating

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