Three’s Co reviews

After being pushed forward yet another week, The Tyde’s Three’s Co. was finally released last Monday and the album was well received by the press. Here’s what some critics thought of the album:

“Surf’s up and The Tyde is coming in with the soundtrack to your summer”
The Sun

“The Tyde continue to carry the torch for sterling West Coast pop music with a cynical lyrical edge”
Americana UK

“On ‘The Lamest Shows’, Darren puts down bands who put on empty shows to screaming teens while wondering “am I getting too old?” Not if ‘Three’s Co’ is any indication – this welcome return proves that Darren and crew are still riding that big wave. ”

“At heart, Three’s Co is a summer album, but it works surprisingly well set against a spring that’s struggling to emerge”
The Sunday Times

“It’s an extremely bright listen that’s tailor-made for the arrival of our warmer weather”
Inide London


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