New Frausdots album in the makings

From the the latest Frausdots myspace bulletin:

It’s true…two of us are moving back to our hometown of Tampa florida (brent and michelle) and we will be playing a Goodbye to LA show on Friday the 5th of may at the ECHO in echo park.
We will be back for shows and tours and the best news of all is that we are halfway done with A NEW RECORD and it features the band as you know it. Spidey, bobby, roger..guest *’s evan (parson red heads) Dan horne is Producing at the westcoast knitting studios…we will post some songs up soon..
we wanna thank everyone in LA and beyong fopr all their friendship and support…we will see you in the land of the manatees…and we will be back as this town is after all our adopted’s been over 20 years…peace.
brent and michelle…frausdots

More info on the show can be found in the live section.

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