Tree Colored See reviews

Tree Colored See has been in stores for about a week and has been greeted with generally positive reviews:

“An interesting and innovative dimension to add to the trade of acoustic singer-songwriting, Nobody & The Mystic Chords of Memory make for an end-product that is chilled to the point of taking leave of your senses altogether”

“Tree Colored See sounds like California-dreamin’ folkadelia smacked gently in the face with a percussive electronic backbone. Oh wait, it is!”

“Delicate fog pop for water pipes, bubbling without ‘Memory’, an outgrowth of the spacey desert drift of ‘Coyote’s Song (When You Hear It Too)’ Tree Colored See ebbs and flows like Beachwood Sparks in dream state”
Austin Chronicle

“Tree Colored See… songs about nothing or everything? Hmmm…”
A Robot Cometh

“A steady beat peppered with ear candy harmonies never did a body wrong, especially in the elctro-folk ring. Here’s to sunny days ahead.”

“This is very beautiful refreshing music that should give jaded ears a new sense of innocence and wonder”
– Big Takeover

“Tree Colored See may make about as much sense to some as its odd, unlikely title. Others will find it as it was intended—a pleasant set of retro replays that’s lovely, lush and an apt background sound for stream of conscious, naval-gazing contemplation”
Entertainment News

“Far from any standard pigeonholing, Tree Colored See is an enchanting album”
– Synthesis

“Sung with the bittersweetness of Elliott Smith, they’ll leave you lusting after spring afternoons and summer nights”

“From the opening raga beats of The Seed to Gunst’s gentle, dreamy voice and nature-worshipping lyrics, to the acid-blotter cover art, Tree Colored See is high on summer-of-love grooviness”
The Age

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