Here’s a little video treat for you all!

Beachwood Sparks live on Spanish television!

Happy new year fellow Beachwood fans! Will 2011 be the year that finally brings us new BWS music? Keep those fingers crossed.
More treats to follow! Keep coming back…


  1. Stickie says:

    Cool, thanks!

    FYI, your contact page does not work as the CAPTCHA plug-in doesn’t seem to be working.

  2. Michael says:

    Great post!!! Brings back memories from the 2008 shows….love it!!!

  3. Staffan says:

    >Stickie: Thanks. I removed the captcha thing for now. It should be working now.

  4. David Higgins says:

    Damn, what a band! I forgot how hard Farmer Dave works. Great, great vids. Thanks for posting!

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