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All Night Radio 5 Year Anniversary Special

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

The idea for this homepage was actually born when All Night Radio’s Spirit Stereo Frequency hit our ears and minds five years ago. We loved Beachwood Sparks before that but through the different solo projects which saw the light of day in 2004 we (Mathias and Staffan) started to meet up and comparing booklets and information about the genealogy of the band, its members and the different recordings. When all this new music and collaborations started to happen we realized that we needed to investigate which members who had played what in which band and how this all came together in the different recordings. Once we had done that we felt that a lot of work (which mostly can be found in the members section) could be helpful to others as well and therefore we decided to put together this page. It is meant to be a homage to the band and their music but also a helpful source of information for fans of Beachwood Sparks and other psychedelic music.

It is now five years ago we started doing this and we felt it would be fun to do a special celebration of Spirit Stereo Frequency which we feel is one of the best albums of all time, but also a forgotten work. It seems like the mainstream have caught up with the mood and sounds of All Night Radio through works from also great bands such as Caribou and Animal Collective. We don’t think these bands are undeserving of the praise coming their way but we feel that All Night Radio should be recognized with more an important legacy. Therefore we have contacted both members of the band and conducted interviews with them. You can read those now in our special Spirit Stereo Frequency-section. We also have written a text about the album and collected some media about the band. Enjoy!
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