Grandaddy/Persil/Beachwood Sparks split

01. Grandaddy: Fishing Boat Song
02. Persil: Table Tennis Superstar
03. BWS: Ballad of Never Rider
(Ballad of Never Rider/Silver Morning After)

This split single came free with issue 38 of Devil In The Woods Magazine.

The Beachwood Sparks contribution is a live recording of Ballad of Never Rider and Silver Morning After (although on the sleeve only Ballad of Never Rider is written out)

Limited edition of 500 copies.

7″, Devil In The Wood Records (DIW#38)

Release date:

Recording details:
Recorded live on KCMU (Seattle)

Line up:
Chris Gunst
Brent Rademaker
Dave Scher
Aaron Sperske

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