Make the Robot Cowboys Cry

This release differs quite a lot from the earlier Beachwood Sparks releases. Gone is Aaron Sperske and his replacement, Jimi Hey, contributes with a more funky and unconventional way of playing the drums.

The EP as a whole is a slow, stripped down and rather folky, psychedelic record with a lot of involvement from Jimmy Tamborello (of The Postal Service and Dntel fame). Tamborello is responsible for the Eno-ish, playful sound experiments that dominates this release.

Most interesting is Ghost Dance 1492, which sounds like something of the future All Night Radio debut and Ponce de Leon Blues, a great slumberish beauty.

This record might be looked upon as a preview of what would come from future projects such as the already mentioned All Night Radio and The Mystic Chords of Memory.

CD, Sup Pop (spcd0593)
12″, Sub Pop (splp0593)
CD, Rough Trade (rtradescd057)
CD, Houston Part Records

Release date:
2002-06-04 (Sub Pop release)
2002-06-10 (Rough Trade release)
??? (HPR release)

Recording details:
Recorded in Los Angeles in February 2002 at Lifelike Studios & Dying Sounds by Scott Hackwith, Jimmy Tamborello and Beachwood Sparks
Mixed at Lifelike Studios in March 2002 by Scott Hackwith, Jimmy Tamborello and Beachwood Sparks
Mastered by John Golden Mastering
Music and lyrics by Beachwood Sparks

Line up:
Chris Gunst
Brent Rademaker
Dave Scher
Jimi Hey
Ben Knight (additional vocals/acoustic guitar on 3 & 4)
Paul Larson (additional acoustic guitar on 5)
Mia Doi Todd (additional vocals on 3)
Jimmy Tamborello (additional sounds)

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