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    Haven’t heard the 7″ bonus tracks 123-123 and Midsummer Sleigh Ride as of yet, I was wondering if anyone had some info on them. Thanks to this website, I know that 123 was was recorded live on KXLU Radio on July 4th 1998. Does that make Midsummer Sleigh Ride a studio track? Is it a parody of Midsummer Day Dream? Are these throwaway tracks? Worth hearing? Etc?




    “123-123” is an early version of “Knew That I’d Want You,” which later appeared on the Painted Hills album. “Midsummer Sleigh Ride” is a psych-heavy version (or mix) of “Midsummer Daydream,” with backward loops and sampled radio voices introducing Beachwood Sparks. It’s an oddball but fun curio. Both are definitely worth hearing, though you may only put the A-side into heavy rotation. Really love “123-123,” and hearing it performed by Beachwood Sparks is delightful.

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    Wow! I never dreamed I’d actually get a response on here. Thanks so much, this was very helpful!!!

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