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    So this is a complete stab in the dark, since I don’t know how many people still visit here but it’s the web’s only resource for the band. Using this website’s excellent information and my own conjecture, I’ve been trying to track down all known recordings from the band and organize them in some way. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Desert Skies Era Recordings

      • Charm (Version 2) (Desert Skies Bonus Tracks)
      • Desert Skies (C.O.2. Version) (Desert Skies Bonus Tracks)
      • Make It Together (Warm Summer Vibe Version) (Desert Skies Bonus Tracks)
      • Time (First Version) (2:54) (Desert Skies Bonus Tracks)
      • Midsummer Daydream (SubPop Single/Pre Flyte)
      • Windows 65 (SubPop Single)
      • 123-123 (7” Single)
      • Midsummer Sleigh Ride (7” Single)
      • We’d Love To See You (?) (Beachwood Sparks S/T Bonus Track)
      • Surfing Saints (?) (Beachwood Sparks Bonus S/T Track)


    I have never heard 123-123 or Midsummer Sleigh Ride so any information on that would be greatly appreciated. I know We’d Love To See You and Surfing Saints are tacked onto various versions of the band’s self titled album, but to my ears they sound more in line with the earlier recordings.

    Beachwood Sparks Era Recordings

      • This Is What It Feels Like (Alternate Version) (Dean Quixote Soundtrack)


    Not sure if the alt. version of This Is What It Feels like hails from the self-titled sessions or the first album sessions.

    Once We Were Trees Era

      • Quietly Be (By Your Side CD Single)
      • Close The Door Lightly (Eric Anderson Cover) (By Your Side CD Single)
      • Wake Up Little Suzie (Everly Brothers Cover) (7” Single)
      • Once We Were Trees (Early Mix) (7” Single)
      • When I Stop Dreaming (Louvin’ Brothers Cover) (New Sounds Of The Old West Compilation)

      Make The Robot Cowboys Cry Era


    Tarnished Gold Era

      • Dolphins & Pelicans (Itunes Bonus Track)

      Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

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