Photo by Chris McKay

Chris Gunst

Role in Beachwood Sparks:
founding member,
guitarist/vocalist/songwriter on:

Desert Skies/Make It Together
Midsummer Daydream/Windows 65
Beachwood Sparks
Grandaddy/Persil/Beachwood Sparks 7" split
Once We Were Trees/Wake Up, Little Suzie
By Your Side
Once We Were Trees
Make the Robot Cowboys Cry
The Tarnished Gold

Other appearances:
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Further – The Fakers & The Takers (7", 1997) bass
Strictly Ballroom – Hide Here Forever (1997) guitar, vocals
The Tyde – Once (2001) drums
Dntel – Life Is Full Of Possibilities (2001) additional vocals/lyrics
Ileen – Bride, Pt. 2 (2002) guitar
Nobody – Pacific Drift: Western Water Music, Vol. 1 (2003) additional vocals
Mystic Chords Of Memory – s/t (2004) vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums,
samples, melodica, autoharp
Mia Doi Todd – Manzanita (2005) guitar
Nobody – And Everything Else… (2005) additional vocals
Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory – Tree Colored See (2006) vocals, guitar
Dntel – Dumb Luck (2007) vocals, guitar
Farmer Dave Scher – Flash Forward to the Good Times (2009) LawDog Mistruster
Dntel – Life Is Full Of Possibilities [Deluxe Edition] (2011) vocals
Other involvements:
Gold Winter People, Arca