Press archive

  Title Author/year
Beachwood Sparks Electronic Sonic Press/1999
California Dreamin’ With a Cosmic Connection Natalie Nichols/2000
Sharps & Flats: Beachwood Sparks Carrie Havranek/2000
Under Desert Skies
– Beachwood Sparks, sons of the pioneers
Erik Himmelsbach/2000
Beachwood Sparks
– Cosmic American Music for the 21st Century
Bryan Thomas/2000
Beachwood Sparks – a brief chat with Chris Gunst Konketsu/2000
Country Pop Reborn under the Desert Sky No Kind of Superstar/2000
As soothing as the sun
– Mellow rock from California’s Beachwood Sparks
Gabe Estill/2000
Rock souvenirs: An interview with Dave Scher
of the Beachwood Sparks
Piero Scaruffi/2001
Beachwood Sparks Mark Whitfield/2001
Crud Features: Beachwood Sparks Will Jenkins/2002
Sparks plug in – folk-rockers get electrified Elizabeth Bromstein/2002
Beachwood Sparks
– The Chemistry of Cowboy Robots
Steve LaBate/2003
From Shadowland to Frausdots
– a mail conversation with Brent Rademaker
Mathias Krusell/2005
The Tyde! Tobias Isaksson/2005
Confusion Is Nothing New: Beachwood Sparks Steve/2005
“One of the best bands” – speaks with Neal Casal Staffan & Mathias/2008
Beachwood Sparks- breathing beauty Katie Byron/2008
Questions of Doom with Brent Rademaker Too Cool To Die/2009
Interviewin’: Brent Rademaker of Beachwood Sparks When You Awake/2012
Five Ways Beachwood Sparks Have Changed Over the Last Ten Years MTV Hive/2012