“I think we made a good one, and I hope it brings you good times…”

Like you might have heard (from us before, or from Farmer Dave on Twitter) Beachwood Sparks have recorded a new album. This is being mixed and finished right now and we made contact with Farmer Dave Scher and asked some questions about the making of the album and when we’ll see it released.”

When and how did the plans for a new album emerge?

I think the plans emerged over the course of three or four years, beginning when the gents did some touring around the Sub Pop anniversary concert. I wasn’t able to be a part of that, but it definitely snowballed and caught me up with it.

You’ve had some different lineups over the years, who’s playing on the new recordings and who has been writing the songs?

Aaron Sperske, Brent Rademaker, Chris Gunst and myself… with Dan Horne on the pedal steel, Neal Casal and Ben Knight on guitars and singing, and a visit from Jimi Hey and Ariel Pink on one song we did.

Everyone who used to be in Beachwood Sparks from 2000-2002 has had some sort of solo project since the bands latest release. What have you brought to the new record from your different projects you’ve been involved in since 2002?

I’ve spent time in the studio and have developed more skills there. As for the music, I think I’ll let you hear that and be the judge. All our side experiences are in there.

What are the plans for the future? When will the new album be released? And will you play any live shows?

This baby will come out, hopefully before summer. I’d say we’d love to get out and play some good shows. I’d love to go to Sweden, and back to the UK, France, and Spain.

Thank you for finding the time to answer these questions. We’re very excited about the new record and want to spread that state to other BWS-fans!

Your caring and support means a lot to all of us. Thanks for being there. I think we made a good one, and I hope it brings you good times….