The Tyde

by Tobias Isaksson

This interview with The Tyde was written by Tobias Isaksson for the Swedish paper fanzine “Baby I Love You” in August 2005. It was performed via email and the respondents were Ann Do Rademaker and Darren Rademaker. The interview will be published in the fanzine’s #3 sometime in the autumn of 2005, but the author has given his full permission for us to publish it right now, right here on our site. How cool is that?

You have a new album recorded. What are your expectations for this one?

We really don’t have any expectations with the new record. It’ll be out there for the people that are already dig us and for new people who want to check us out.

There was an evolution of the sound between Once and Twice. Does the new album take this further and in that case – in what direction? Are there any surprises to expect from the new album?

The new album, "Three’s Co.", is an extension of the sounds of Once and Twice. We’ve also gone back to sounds we used with my old band, Further and The Summer Hits. We always try to take things up a notch with the production to the best of our ability. People might be surprised that we have Conor Deasy (singer from The Thrills) and Mickey Madden (bassist for Maroon 5) as guests on the album.

The Tyde. Photo by Trent McGinn and Hilary Walsh.

You have a fantastic west coast sound. I have seen your play lists on your website and I know you are big fans of contemporary independent music as well as some classics, but which are the foundations of your musical influences (the bands/artists that are always there somehow)?

We really pride ourselves being a West Coast band who are actually from the West Coast. We’re also heavily influenced by the British sound as well though. The artists who are always a constant for us are Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, The Byrds, Beach Boys, The Band, and Scott Walker from the 60s and 70s. We have also liked a bit of glam, punk, post-punk, mod and indie pop over the years and that definitely finds its way in there. There are tons of obscure bands from the past and present who we admire. People like to say Felt is a big influence and they’re correct.

This seems a bit naive to ask perhaps, but for me it’s hard not to ask about Californian life, wave surfing and so on. For me, your music and your album covers connote images of an almost ideal life on the beach. How much do you guys take part in the surf community and how much “California” would you say you are? Is it a big, non-musical influence?

Surfing is a big influence because it is a way of life for us. We surf as often as possible, we love just hanging out at the beach. We’re longboard surfers and love to meet people in this community. There’s some cool kids out there, pros and just regular dudes, who definitely influence us. And of course, you can hear it in the lyrics to some of the songs. Most of the songs on the new album, are directly or indirectly influenced by surfing. BUT you don’t have to surf yourself to enjoy it. We just want the music to be able to put you in that state of mind, being at the beach, etc… where ever you are. We’re full on "Californian" dude.

The Tyde. Photo by Trent McGinn and Hilary Walsh.

Are there any contemporary bands (besides the other bands you guys play with) that you feel connected to or would allow comparison with? (Who/why? I’m interested because I’d love to find some more bands with similar musical visions.)

All the contemporary bands we listen to don’t necessarily sound similar to us. Our contemporary favorites would be The Clientele, Comet Gain, The Magic Numbers, Belle & Sebastian, The Shortwave Set, Davendra Banhart, and of course, Go Kart Mozart.

Sweden actually has a great pop scene since a few years back. It’s really blossomed lately with lots of wonderful bands and labels and so on. Do you listen to any Swedish bands?

We know of most of the Swedish contemporary bands and we dig some of them for sure. My favorite Swedish band of all time is The Walkers. Awesome.

Finally: Do you have plans for a full European tour when the new album is out?

Our dream/goals for next year is to play Sweden. Other Swedish groups whom we’ve met in the last couple of years tell us that we have fans there. We’re gonna make it happen. So see you next year!!!