The last decade has birthed giant swells of West Coast waves on the musical coastlines. A younger generation has mined the beaches, canyons and deserts for a sound rooted in yesteryear’s good vibrations and as a result, there has been an uncanny resurgence of the California sound.

It’s all quite endearing, really. Until you’ve heard the real deal.

Fairechild is California. They were born and brought up with California soul from deep inside the pockets of the very West Coast that others can only romanticize about. Their music is as warm and watery as the surf that raised them from children into young adults. But there is nothing affected, studied or emulated here — Fairechild radiate the golden state’s sunshine in their songs as naturally as you live and breathe. Growing up with the sand, sun and surf in your backyard is one thing. Being raised on the history of music is another. Put the two together and you get Fairechild.

The difference between Fairechild and everyone else can be heard in the songs. There are no over exaggerated trappings pigeonholing them because they don’t just look to the past to create something retrospective like the indie rock recordings of hipster victim novelty. No beach blanket barneys or wacky theremins here. The tones of Fairechild may be rooted in the soul of vintage California, but their songs will send you out to the cosmos on waves of unforgettable melodies that sometimes seem to recall Carnival Of Light-era RIDE, mixed with the romantic tension and dreamlike textures found in some early Fairport Convention records. The moment you think that they remind you of Papa John Phillips or Fleetwood Mac, they’ll do something that reminds you more of Neil Young, Big Star or The Pretenders. But Fairechild’s true magic happens when you can hear their own sound come to life. The chemistry between singer/violin player Elisa Randazzo and singer/guitar player Josh Schwartz is the stuff that makes timeless recordings.

Randazzo is the daughter of hit makers Teddy Randazzo and Victoria Pike. If you’ve ever heard the Zombies’ version of her father’s "Goin’ Out Of My Head" you already know where part of her musical heart comes from. She has played and recorded with a diverse amalgamation of artists such as Spiritualized, The Red Krayola and Tim Burgess of the Charlatans (to name a few).

Her partner in crime and time is one of the most stellar guitar players, talented songwriters and upcoming producers in the greater Los Angeles area. Schwartz cut his teeth in Further (one of only two American bands to be signed to Alan McGee’s Creation Records) before playing with an early incarnation of Sub Pop recording artists, Beachwood Sparks — leaving them to join forces with Randazzo. You may have seen his name in various album liner notes as he has played and recorded for bands like Maverick recording artists, The Shore, and Tim Burgess from Manchester’s Charlatans (including opening for the Rolling Stones with Burgess’ band) among many others. But like many sought after musicians; Schwartz saves his best music for his own band.

The songs here are dreamy, backlit, hayseed swirls of lovelorn escapism. Cascading melodies, spiraling string arrangements and toneful guitar notes roll out like curling waves under intertwining male/female vocal harmonies that dance under desert stars like the spirits of two outland lovers.

Biography taken from http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fairechild

Josh Schwartz – vocals, guitar
∙ Elisa Randazzo – vocals, violin
Tommo Sanford – ?
∙ Christina Blackhaller – ?
∙ Aaron Robinson – ?
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