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The geographically and stylistically nomadic indie rock band Lilys was the vehicle of singer/songwriter Kurt Heasley, the group’s founder and sole constant member. A Philadephia native, Heasley and the Lilys bowed with the 1991 single "February 14," a nod to My Bloody Valentine; while based in Washington, D.C., they recorded their 1992 debut LP In the Presence of Nothing, an even greater testament to their shoegazing fetish. A two-year silence followed as Heasley roamed the East Coast, finally resurfacing with 1994’s A Brief History of Amazing Letdowns EP, on which the Lilys refashioned themselves as a guitar-pop band. The spare, minimalist Eccsame the Photon Band followed in 1995 before the now Boston-based Heasley delivered the next year’s Better Can’t Make Your Life Better, evidence of a strong British Invasion fixation. The Services (For the Soon to Be Departed) EP arrived in 1997; two years later, the Lilys resurfaced not only with the full-length The 3-Way but also Lullabies, their entry in Darla Records’ continuing "Bliss Out" series.

Biography Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

∙ Kurt Heasley – vocals
Aaron Sperske – drums
∙ Mike Deming
∙ Tom Monahan
∙ …
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