The Warlocks – Heavy Deavy Skull Lover [2007]


Last time we heard from The Warlocks was in 2005 when they released the very mediocre album Surgery on Birdman Records/Mute. The album had its highlights but they were deeply buried in unenthusiastically produced arena rock. Since then the band has switched labels to Tee Pee Records (also home to legendary west coast band The Brian Jonestown Massacre) and their new album Heavy Deavy Skull Lover is their first effort as a Tee Pee act.

This is a very strong comeback album from a highly talented band. Songs like So Paranoid and Slip Beneath bare strong traces of the epic greatness that was The Warlocks debut album Rise and Fall (on Bomp! Records). But Heavy Deavy Skull Lover isn’t just a reminiscence of great things from the past, it also shows the path forward for the band. Tracks like Valley of Death and Moving Mountains carry with them a new, bare and gloomy side of The Warlocks in both theme and sound, which sometimes resembles the very gothic and once again gloomy feelings The Cure created on their 1982 album Pornography. Since the bands last album they have gone from having seven band members to just being four. This might also play a factor in the evolution into a more minimalistic version of The Warlocks.

If you haven’t heard this band before they are The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain in the same sense that The Brian Jonestown Massacre are The Rolling Stones and Love. If you have heard them before and maybe was turned down by their last effort you will find your way back to them through Heavy Deavy Skull Lover.

Published 2007-11-09

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